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Crunchyroll, if you were somehow not aware, is a site that became well-known for having a huge library of user-uploaded anime and drama, all subtitled by fan groups. This continued for a few years until the person in charge of the site decided it was time to go legit, and removed all of the user-uploaded series this past January. In their place are a couple handful of current (and also really old) shows, subtitled by companies and uploaded with the permission of the copyright holders.
CR was filled with negative comments for while, users who had been there from the beginning and were furious CR was "selling out." They wanted their free anime/drama source to stay free.
While CR does maintain a membership system for premium features (being able to see episodes the day they're released rather than a week or more later, for example), a large portion of the site is still free. There's a catch, though. Some, if not many, of the series are able only to be viewed in the US, where CR is based. Copyright issues strike again. I wonder when we'll really have ubiquitous streaming media... but that's not really the point of this post.

How do you feel about Crunchyroll? Are you mad that it switched focus? Are you glad there's a place to legally stream recently released series? Would you pay for a membership there?

I'm glad the focus shifted, and I like that it's actually legal for me to watch the things I do on CR. I do have a membership, and that's primarily a sign of my support more than anything else. It's not required to support them to watch the shows and in reality, there are not a whole lot of shows there I want to watch, but I want to support the idea, the potential it represents.
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